UEW Chancellor Entreats Government to Strengthen Youth-focused Policies

The Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Neenyi Ghartey VII, has entreated the government to strengthen youth-focused policies that promote education, vocational training and entrepreneurship to empower the next generation and enhance their contribution to the economy. 

He said this would help avert the current economic challenges and the spectre of unemployment sweeping through West Africa. He called on the government to ensure that its policy facilitates collaboration between educational institutions and industries to align curricula with market demands.

The UEW Chancellor was welcoming graduands at the Second Session of the 27th Congregation held at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre, North Campus, Winneba, on Friday, 25th and Saturday, 26th August, 2023.


An aerial view of postgraduate and undergraduate graduands during the ceremony


“This initiative will equip the workforce with relevant skills, especially in emerging sectors like technology and green industries, to bridge the skills gap and increase employability. There is, therefore, a need to also launch targeted and time-bound employment initiatives that focus on labour-intensive sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, and manufacturing. This can provide immediate relief to the unemployed while fuelling economic growth,” he asserted.

He indicated that his recommendations could go along with revamping dedicated programmes to equip young people with relevant skills for the modern job market by encouraging entrepreneurship and providing training, mentorship and funds to support the development of the next generation of job creators.


Sections of first-class honours graduates being congratulated by Principal Officers


Neenyi Ghartey VII stated that the government could safeguard jobs and promote long-term sustainability by supporting existing industries facing downturns due to external shocks, strengthening vulnerable sectors and encouraging innovation. He urged the government to accelerate the transformation of the digital economy to leverage its potential to generate jobs and transform traditional industries.

“While at it, it is crucial to revolutionalise and establish robust social safety nets to cushion the impact of economic challenges on vulnerable populations. Targeted assistance programmes can ensure that basic needs are met while maintaining social stability. By taking these swift and resolute measures, the government can demonstrate its commitment to addressing the pressing economic and unemployment concerns of Ghanaians,” he averred.

The Chancellor of UEW implored the government to take a closer look at Ghana’s food production set-up and ensure that infrastructural development reflects on agriculture by producing sustainable storage and preservation systems across specific food production areas. 


Elated graduates at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre


Neenyi Ghartey VII advised graduands to see unemployment as an opportunity for innovation and transformation rather than just a challenge. He charged them to embrace their role as graduates by adopting a proactive mindset rather than waiting for the perfect job to come their way and considering becoming job creators themselves. 

“Entrepreneurship and innovation are two key avenues through which you can contribute to economic development and employment generation. Identify unmet needs or gaps in the market and explore how your skills can be applied to address them. By starting a business, you can not only create job opportunities for yourself but also for others in your community. This not only reduces unemployment but also stimulates local economies, ultimately contributing to national prosperity,” he professed.

Neenyi Ghartey VII beseeched graduands to seek out training, certificates and workshops that enhance their skills and keep them adaptable in the face of changing job landscapes.


A rendition by the Department of Theatre Arts students