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Staff Research & Publications


Acheampong, E.Y. (2018, September 19–22). Elite Sport Athletes ‘giving back’ to society: An emerging social phenomenon [Paper presentation]. 3rd IC-PASHDA Meeting, Accra, , Ghana.

Acheampong, E.Y., & Akwaa-Sekyi, K. E. (2019, June 20–21). Financing African players’ professional career abroad: Does it follow a Pecking order? [Paper presentation]. 10th International Conference on Sport & Society, Ryerson University, Toronto, , Canada.

Acheampong, E.Y., Frimpong, R. & Konadu, V. S. (2022, May 11–12). “Out of National Women’s Team”: Experiences of former Ghanaian Players [Paper presentation]. 1st Nordic Football Conference, University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, , Finland.

Acheampong, E.Y. (2023, March 22–25). Young African athletes: Challenges and constraints of the ‘unknown’ career abroad [Paper presentation]. 38th Annual Gwendolen M. Carter Conference and 14th Sports Africa Network Meeting at the University of Florida Campus, Florida, Florida, USA.

Acheampong, E.Y., & Frimpong, R. (2023, June 1-2). Migration Experience Analysis of African Footballers: A model for survival in leagues abroad [Paper presentation]. SiNAFE Final Conference-Transgressing Boundaries: Migration and Sport Conference, Istanbul, , Turkey.

Frimpong, R., & Acheampong, E.Y. (2023, August 14-17). Gambling strategies of students with visual impairments: A sociological perspective [Paper presentation]. ISSA World Congress 2023, Ottawa, , Canada.

Acheampong, E.Y. (2024,January 24-26). Panel member [Paper presentation]. Creating a level playing field: Building sustainable and regular migration pathways for African athletes, Noon Hotel-Abidjan Plateau, , Coté D’lvoire.

Acheampong, E.Y. (2024,January 29-30). Expert Group Meeting [Paper presentation]. United Nations (IOM) Networks on Migration organised by Mission 89 NGO at the London Campus of Loughborough of University, London, , United Kingdom.

Aboagye, E., Acheampong, E.Y., Frimpong, R., & Fraser Carson, F. (2023, December 15-16). Understanding elite female football coaches’ experiences and reflections in a male-dominated environment in Ghana [Paper presentation]. The Role of Sport in Society: Women, Sport, and Social Changes, Zagreb, , Croatia.

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Acheampong, E.Y., & Bouhaouala, M. (2019). African footballers’ life cycles according to the analysis of transfer value along their career path: A case study of Ghanaian players. Sport in Society, 22(12), 2024–2044. DOI:

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