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The University Logo

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The principal motif of the University Crest, the “Adinkra Ntesie” is a Ghanaian cultural symbol associated with wisdom and knowledge as the essential ingredients of education.   

Arising from the “Adinkra” motif is a torch radiating its light in all directions, suggesting that the knowledge nurtured at the University would become a source of enlightenment to all people far and wide.  It is a flame that would dispel the darkness of ignorance.

The red colour combines with the blue against a background of pure white to symbolise hard work and perseverance.  All the symbols are set in a circle bearing the motto: Education for Service and symbolising the completeness of training at the University of Education, Winneba.

The Starburst motif of the Crest is made up of different wave lengths and conveys the idea that teachers trained by the University would disperse into every corner of the country and render services to all Ghanaians irrespective of social status, religion or sex.

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