UEW 27th Congregation: Council Chair Urges Graduands to Continue Displaying Ingenuity

The Chairman of the Governing Council of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Nana Ofori Ansah I, has tasked the 2023 graduands to develop rapid and innovative responses to the current local and global challenges.

He emphasised the necessity for graduates to regularly remind themselves of their involvement in resolving problems as they emerge.

The Council Chairman made these remarks at the first session of the 27th Congregation, currently ongoing at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre, North Campus, Winneba. 

 Nana Ofori Ansah I addressing graduands at the 27th Congregation ceremony

“Dear graduands, I know most of you would have great expectations from today but let me caution you that the world today, particularly the developing world is facing economic difficulties, therefore, as you step out of this University brace yourselves up to meet these challenges,” he remarked.   

Nana Ofori Ansah I was optimistic that the training the graduands had received from UEW, if well applied, would help them surmount the numerous challenges they might encounter.

“However, in order to achieve that, you should combine the knowledge acquired, with ethical behaviour. Be honest in all your endeavours, have respect for authority, your seniors and colleagues, build networks, have compassion for the needy and be ready to sacrifice for humanity,” he advised.  

A cross-section of graduands at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre

Nana Ofori Ansah I underscored the advantages of the Reconciliation Committee that the UEW Governing Council established as part of the plan to settle all remaining concerns and establish long-lasting harmony at the university.

“The Governing Council, upon assuming office received a lot of petitions from all spheres of the University Community. In response, Council set up a Reconciliation Committee under the Chairmanship of a Council member who is a Labour Expert and an ILO Labour Consultant to hear the petitioners and make the necessary recommendations to Council. The Committee has since finished its work and I dare say that, it did a marvellous work, which has greatly eased the level of tension and bitterness then existing in this university,” he stated.

The Council Chairman praised the Appointments and Promotions Board (APB) for its competent work in promoting employees and appointing senior members.  

“Again, the Governing Council approved of promotions and appointments of some senior members and staff upon recommendation by the APB. This has further eased the tension on campus and a cursory observer can feel the wind of happiness and relative peace blowing across campus,” he noted. 

A cross-section of Principal Officers who attended the ceremony

Nana Ofori Ansah I, however, expressed his disappointment in some members of the university community creating tension through rumours and court applications.

“Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, not everyone is happy or comfortable with the efforts of Council and Management to bring peace and positive change to this Great University. There are elements within the university, who under the guise of ‘Concern Staff’ keep churning out fabricated stories about the Council, its Chairman as well as the Vice-Chancellor and his Management team,” he indicated.

He extended a welcome invitation to anyone with concerns. He noted that the Governing Council has also established an independent committee to look into any financial misdeeds on campus and urged people with information to contact the committee.

Nana Ofori Ansah I expressed his appreciation to everyone who had worked to make the UEW a reputable centre for teacher training in Ghana, including the faculty, the administrative staff, the Government of Ghana, the Ministry of Education, all stakeholders, and well-wishers.

School of Creative Arts students leading the convocation procession