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UEW Lecturers Introduce Engaging Indigenous Mathematics Concepts to Local Schools

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Published: Mon, 06/03/2024 - 17:04

A group of lecturers from the Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has launched a transformative project titled “Mentoring the Next Generation.” As part of this initiative, they organised an educational and entertaining workshop on indigenous mathematics concepts for selected basic schools in Winneba.

The workshop, held at the South Campus Lecture Theatre 7 (SLT7) on Thursday, 30th May, 2024, aimed to inspire a love for mathematics among young learners by blending education with entertainment.

Conventional activities the students were taken through at the workshop
Interactive games and conventional activities the students were taken through at the workshop

The workshop, themed "Playing with Mathematics," included interactive games and activities that aimed to dismantle the mental barriers often preventing students from enjoying and excelling in mathematics. The goal was to show the students that mathematics is not only practical and relevant to their everyday lives but can also be fun and engaging.

Students participated in various activities and games, such as math puzzles, fixing equations, and traditional games like ‘kuraya kuraya,’ ‘daha,’ ‘anhweakyire,’ ‘kuga soa,’ and ‘chaskele.’ These activities provided a new perspective on mathematics, highlighting its real-world applications and making it more accessible and enjoyable.

Dr. Gloria Armah
Dr. Gloria Armah

In her welcome address, Dr. Gloria Armah, the project lead and Head of the Department of Physics Education at UEW, emphasised the importance of mathematical literacy in everyday life. "From the technology we use, the architecture of our buildings, the art we create, and the science that propels us forward, mathematics is a universal language that helps us understand and shape our reality. It is critical in developing problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking, all of which are essential skills in any field of study or profession," she asserted.

Dr. Armah expressed the project team’s ambition to transform students’ apprehension towards mathematics into enthusiasm and confidence. She encouraged the students to embrace the opportunity to explore, learn, and discover the fascinating world of mathematics. "Embrace this chance to develop a new mindset towards mathematics, one that recognises its importance and delight in its challenges," she said.

Prof. Samuel Kwesi Asiedu-Addo
Prof. Samuel Kwesi Asiedu-Addo

Prof. Samuel Kwesi Asiedu-Addo, the chairman of the event, urged the attending teachers to teach mathematics with passion and avoid using discouraging language towards students struggling with the subject. He implored the students to continuously practice the skills they had acquired and share their knowledge with peers who could not attend the workshop.

Prof. Peter Akayuure (left) and Dr. Johnson Edu
Prof. Peter Akayuure (left) and Dr. Johnson Edu

During the workshop, Prof. Peter Akayuure guided students through mathematics puzzles, fixing equations, and the traditional game ‘kuraya kuraya.’ Dr. Johnson Edu, Head of the Department of Theatre Arts, delivered an insightful talk on the intersection of mathematics and music, demonstrating how mathematical concepts underpin musical theory and practice. Other pivotal members of the project team included Dr. Nana Akosua Owusu-Ansah, Ms. Matilda Sarpong Adusei, and Ms. Dorcas Attuabea Addo.

The workshop was a resounding success, leaving students energised and more confident in their mathematical abilities. The initiative has set a promising precedent for future educational activities aimed at demystifying mathematics and fostering a generation of learners who approach the subject with curiosity and enthusiasm.

A cross-section of eminent personalities who graced the event
A cross-section of distinguished personalities who graced the event 

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