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DRID-UEW Equips SCA Faculty for Grant Sourcing

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Published: Thu, 11/30/2023 - 19:14

In a bid to foster innovative educational research, the Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Development (DRID), at the University of Education, Winneba, (UEW) organised a comprehensive proposal writing and grant-sourcing workshop for faculty members of the School of Creative Arts (SCA).

The workshop, held at the SCA Conference Room, featured a line-up of distinguished speakers who delved into crucial aspects of grant proposal crafting and effective grant-sourcing methods. The topics covered ranged from the history of DRID, the essentials of a compelling grant proposal, and suitable grant-sourcing methods, to budgetary planning.

Prof. Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu
Prof. Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu

Prof. Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu, the Director of DRID, delivered a keynote address urging faculty members to actively engage in the research process. She stressed the importance of collaboration across faculties and announced that DRID had submitted a proposal for a dedicated conference room, tailored for faculty members to draft grant proposals comfortably.

"Innovation stems from collaboration. We want to create an environment where creativity flourishes, and your research endeavours are supported," Prof. Danso-Wiredu emphasised.

She also encouraged attendees to reach out to DRID for grant proposal samples and emphasised the significance of embracing rejection as part of the process. Prof. Esther Danso-Wiredu urged faculty members to establish connections with individuals in NGOs and the ministries to stay informed about upcoming projects.

Dr. Bernard B. B. Bingab
Dr. Bernard B. B. Bingab

Dr. Bernard B. B. Bingab, the Deputy Director of DRID, provided insights into the history of DRID and clarified its role in overseeing research at the university. He emphasised that DRID's primary responsibility was to facilitate researchers by acquiring necessary supplies and overseeing travel, both domestic and international.

Addressing the faculty, Dr. Bingab stated, "We don’t conduct research; you are to do the research. Your work is not only to supervise students; you have to teach, attend meetings, and counsel students."

The workshop also featured lectures from experienced faculty members, such as Dr. Rapheal Atanga, who shared personal experiences on grant proposal writing, offering valuable insights on overcoming common challenges.

From top L-R: Dr. Rapheal Atanga, Dr. Philip Siaw Kissi, Mr. Michael Amoh Asiedu and Mr. C. K. Ahiakpo
From top L-R: Dr. Rapheal Atanga, Dr. Philip Siaw Kissi, Mr. Michael Amoh Asiedu and Mr. C. K. Ahiakpo

Dr. Philip Siaw Kissi, the coordinator at DRID, provided an overview of grant-sourcing platforms, emphasising the importance of assessing eligibility before submitting applications for federal grants.

The account officer at DRID, Mr. C. K. Ahiakpo, guided participants through the intricacies of creating an appropriate budget.

The interactive sessions included participants offering suggestions for improvement and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment among faculty members. The workshop's success signals a promising future for innovative research at the University of Education, Winneba, as faculty members are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to embark on impactful research projects.

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