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The Centre for School and Community Science and Technology Studies (SACOST) was established in 2000. Rockefeller Foundation and African Forum for Children’s Literacy in Science and Technology, AFCLIST based in South Africa initially funded the Centre. Its main objective was to promote the development of STEM through researches into indigenous activities and development of teaching and learning materials (TLMs) that could have scientific concepts for contextualized teaching and learning science and technology in African schools. SACOST got some project funding from TALIF to research and develop teaching and learning materials from Ghanaian indigenous activities, which could be used to complement teaching in African schools.


Sacost 1

The mission of the Centre is to cultivate relevant research competence, publication proficiency, and quality knowledge to link community and workplace science and technology with that of school at the pre-university level.


Sacost 2

The vision of SACOST was set up with the vision of promoting interdisciplinary research and development activities related to science and technology in indigenous, informal and formal manufacturing industries in order to improve Science and Technology education on the African continent.

Objectives of SACOST

Conducting research into teaching and learning in basic and second cycle educational institutions.

Organising seminars and workshops for teachers and other school/district education personnel in educational policy issues.

Organizes roundtable conferences on educational policy development.

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