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Welcome to the Office of the Registrar and Registry

Leader in Teacher Education

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar and Registry

It is with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that we extend our warmest welcome to you, our valued students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and all members of our academic community. As the Registrar and the collective Registry, we are here to support and serve you in your academic journey.

The Registry stands as the dedicated administrative arm of our institution, and we are honoured to have the privilege of overseeing the myriad of essential administrative duties and responsibilities that ensure the smooth operation of the University of Education, Winneba.

The Registry is the administrative backbone of our esteemed institution, led by the Registrar who collaborates with dedicated officers to carry out vital administrative duties and responsibilities, all in service of our academic community. Together, they form the Registry, a critical hub of support for the university's mission.

The Registrar, in their role as an advisor to the Vice-Chancellor, guides the framework within which policies are shaped and executed. With a watchful eye on the academic calendar and annual meeting schedules, the Registrar ensures that the educational journey flows smoothly. This pivotal position further extends its reach to the processing of admissions, the publication of relevant materials, and the issuance of admission letters, all of which are central to the student experience.

Maintaining meticulous records is an inherent part of the Registry. The Registrar diligently keeps track of accredited programmes, affiliations with other institutions, and records for our dedicated staff and talented students. These records are made available to our internal university committees, external institutions, and organisations upon request, ensuring transparency and effective decision-making.

Graduation, a momentous occasion in the lives of our students, is also a responsibility the Registry proudly undertakes. The Registrar compiles the list of graduating students, and oversees the production and issuance of certificates, transcripts, and other academic records, ensuring that every graduate carry with them a testament to their achievements.

The Registry with the Registrar is more than just a keeper of records; they are the custodians of the university seal, ensuring its rightful place on documents as directed by the Council. Moreover, all policy decisions from the Council and Academic Board are published in the University Bulletin and/or Gazette under the Registrar's watchful eyes.

The safekeeping of legal documents and records of the university is another essential facet of our duties, reflecting our commitment to preserving the rich history and growth of our institution.

Additionally, the Registrar plays a crucial role in the preparation of student registration and admission materials, overseeing the registration process, and coordinating the meaningful matriculation and congregation ceremonies that mark important milestones in our students' lives.

Your academic achievements, your progress, and your experiences here are of paramount importance to us. Whether you are a student embarking on a new educational adventure or a member of our dedicated faculty and staff, our doors are always open to you. We are here to assist you, address your concerns, and provide the necessary guidance to help you thrive in your academic endeavours.

Together, we create an academic environment that fosters learning, growth, and achievement. We believe that with our collective efforts and the invaluable contributions of each member of our community, we will continue to excel and fulfill the mission of the University of Education, Winneba.

As we embark on our journey together, the Office of the Registrar and Registry is here to provide unwavering support, organisation, and commitment to the values and mission of the University of Education, Winneba. We are excited to work with you, our academic community, and partners in academia to ensure a seamless and productive academic experience.

Once again, a heartfelt welcome to the Office of the Registrar and Registry, a cornerstone of administrative excellence at our institution. We are here to serve, support, and empower you in your academic journey.

Registrar, UEW

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