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The National Centre for Research into Basic Education (NCRIBE) was established in 2006 in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service with the mandate of conducting evidence-based research in Basic Education to inform and engage national and international audiences in best practices of delivering Basic Education. NCRIBE is one of the three centres, together with the Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS) and Centre for School and Community Science and Technology (SACOST) which was amalgamated in 2013 to form the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS). 


A girl behind a microscope

Its mission is to conduct national and international research into Basic Education and use evidence-based information to engage national and international audiences in the best practices for the provision of basic education.


A pupil writing with pencil

NCRIBE’s Vision is to be a research and documentation center in the promotion of Basic Education through engagement with key educational stakeholders in Ghana and beyond.

Objectives of NCRIBE

to conduct research and serve as a documentation centre on issues relating to Basic Education in Ghana.

to promote research partnership with Government and other relevant agencies in Basic Education in Ghana.

to serve as a training centre for young researchers to develop and build their capacity in research.

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