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The Institute for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS) was established in the year 2013 to play leading roles in educational research and innovations in the University of Education, Winneba. Its mandate is to conduct research into the practice of basic education, education management and leadership, and educational policies at the institutional and national levels.

Message from the Director

Professor Vincent Adzahile Mensah
Professor Vincent Adzahile Mensah

Since assuming office as Director of the Institute in March 2022, I have observed that it is a stimulating academic context to work in. However, I have also observed that the Institute is presently challenged in a manner that constrains it from sufficiently fulfilling its mandate of conducting research into various aspects of education, including community science and technology, basic education, and educational policy.

To cope with the situation, we have developed research plans for the Institute and its Centres and inaugurated our Advisory Board. Processes have been put in place to strengthen our administrative and financial systems; and improve our staffing situation. We are also working to increase the number of Centres in the Institute.

We are expanding our partnership with faculty, community, and industry. Proposal writing is becoming a major part of the institute, and we have no doubt that we will win a lot of projects. We now require increased resource support and commitment from all stakeholders.

Thank you

Director, IERIS

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