1. Introduction

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) research ethics policy shall guide both students and lecturers in conducting research and used to give ethical clearance to staff and students as well as outside researchers who propose to use the University or its staff and students as subject of research.The policy shall be used to investigate any research ethics misconduct.

  1. Purpose of the Policy

The policy shall provide overarching frame work regarding ethical conduct and research of UEW involving human and non-human subjects.

The purpose of the policy is to:

  1.  help UEW have complete oversight of all UEW ethics committees
  1. ensure that research conducted involving human and non-human subjects are peer reviewed
  1. guarantee that research activities within UEW are in compliance with all national and internal regulations guiding research.

  3. Aims

  1. The Policy is to serve as a relevant legislation to protect the rights and privileges of research participants/subjects.
  1. For proper oversight and ethical consideration, each faculty at UEW shall have ethics Committee.
  1. All ethics Committee at the faculties at UEW will serve as administrative bodies to protect well-being of human and non-human research participants in research activities conducted within the parameters of UEW.
  1. All research activities carried out within or outside the University by a University Staff or students in collaboration with University Staff or students shall be subjected to ethical scrutiny.
Type of Work: