6th Biennial Social Science Conference | 2022


The developmental agenda of Africa and for that matter, many African countries date back to the pre-colonial, colonial, independence and post-colonial era.  The efforts to achieve rapid growth and development is beset with a number of challenges. Some of these challenges have had minimal effects on the efforts at development while others pose long lasting impediments on the road to development. One of such challenges has been the outbreak of diseases, which graduate through epidemic to pandemics. Since the 14th century when the Black Death Pandemic broke out, the world has experienced a number of disease outbreaks, including Covid-19, which is still ravaging many parts of the world. In the wake of Covid-19, many governments the world over had to rethink their developmental agenda due to the devastating effects associated with this global pandemic. Much as nations are currently dealing with Covid-19, it is also imperative to assess the dynamics of global pandemics in general, from all angles in relation to growth and development of economies with Africa as the reference point. It is in view of this that the 2022 edition of the Social Science Conference want to interrogate the dynamics of global pandemics in relation to development in Africa.

Some of the thematic areas are as follows:

  1. Historical antecedents of pandemics and development
  2. The politics of pandemics and economic development
  3. Social and economic implications of pandemics for Africa’s development
  4. Global distribution and response to pandemics
  5. Food security and sustainable development
  6. Social policy and human security
  7. Education
  8. Gender and minority issues
  9. Sex, sexuality and pandemics
  10. Sustainable energy and social justice
  11. Labour, youth and employment
  12. Climate change and related issues
  13. Peace, justice and human rights
  14. Cooperation and development
  15. Health and wellbeing
  16. Urban development
  17. Water and sanitation
  18. Environment and development
  19. Geospatial dimensions of pandemics and development


  • Submission date: 25/06/2022
  • Not more than 250 words and should include at most 5 keywords.
  • Font size of 12, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing.
  • Should be submitted to: stweneboah@uew.edu.gh


  • Ghanaian participants   Ghc100.00
  • Ghanaian students Ghc 50.00
  • International participants Usd 80.00
  • International students Usd 50.00

Registration/Participation fee covers conference materials, snack, lunch, certificate and water.

For enquiries, contact: 0246578857 / 0206154939 / 0244146514