Academic Departments

Number of Teaching/Research Departments 59
Akan-Nzema Education
Ewe Education
Ga-Dangme Education
Gur-Gonja Education
Accounting Studies Education
Management Studies Education
Centre for African Studies
Centre for Competency-Based Training and Research
Centre for Teacher Development and Action Research
Counselling Unit
Educational Leadership
English and Communication Studies Unit
Fashion Design and Textiles Education
Hospitality and Tourism Education
Automotive and Electrical Technology Education
Construction and Wood Technology Education
Information Technology Education
Mechanical Technology Education
Agricultural Economics and Extension
Animal Science Education
Crop and Soil Science Education
Inter-disciplinary Studies
Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering Education
Environmental Health and Sanitation Education
Science Education, Mampong
Basic Education
Centre for Educational Policy Studies
Centre for Hearing and Speech
Early Childhood Care and Development
Educational Administration and Management
Psychology Education
Special Education
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
Health Administration and Education
Home Economics Education
HPERS Education
Information and Communication Technology Education
Integrated Science Education
Maths Education
Physics Education
African and Liberal Studies
Business Education
Centre for Conflict, Human Rights and Peace Studies (CHRAPS)
Political Science
Social Studies Education
Centre for International Programmes
Applied Linguistics
Communication and Media Studies (includes the Communication Skills Unit)
English Education
French Education (includes the German Unit)
Art Education
Graphic Design
Music Education
Theatre Arts