Liaison Librarians

One of the core duties of the academic library is to support teaching, learning and research to meet the vision and mission of the institution. The academic library collects, processes, exhibits, preserves and disseminate these resources and services to the University community.  For coordination and management of these resources, each college, school or faculty of the University is assigned a Liaison Librarian. These Liaison Librarians serve as the ambassadors of the Library to the College, School or Faculty as the first point of contact for any library-related questions or services including collection development and suggestions for purchase. You are welcome to contact your Liaison Librarian on any subject related to your information needs and suggest or request new items be added to the Library’s collection.

The UEW Library's Liaison Programme goals include:

  • maintaining regular communication with academic departments and programs, building effective working relationships between library staff and faculty in support of teaching, learning and research, and improving library services.
  • promoting and strengthening the use of information in support of teaching, learning and research of the faculty.
  • supporting the faculty to develop the Library’s stock related to teaching, learning and research.
  • assisting the faculty in the developing of new courses through the provision of reading lists and related materials.
  • providing Information Literacy training to Faculty members and students.
  • advising on information resources in both print and electronic formats available in the Library.
  • creating and maintaining subject-specific and course-specific online guides highlighting both relevant library collections/resources and high-quality resources available freely online, as well as other instructional materials.

Do you know that, your Liaison Librarian can:

  • meet with you face to face, over phone, email or video-conferencing to discuss any of your information needs and library services?
  • be a guest lecturer in your class, colleges, schools and faculty meetings to teach information-related issues  on topics such as expert database searching, APA Referencing, use of citation management tools, and anti-plagiarism strategies?
  • help create/update course reading lists for faculty members to support teaching, learning and research?
  • create customized online interactive tutorials for use by on- and off-campus students, staff and faculty?
  • take recommendations for expanding electronic and print resources for the UEW Libraries’ collection?

YES! We are research experts and although we may not be able to answer all your queries, we know where to GET them for YOU.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your information needs.

Below are your Librarians with in-depth knowledge in Library resources and services. They are ready to serve you! Contact them for all your information needs and services.

Ag. University Librarian: Ms. Agatha Gifty Larson


Obed Dadzie

College of Distance and eLearning (CoDeL)/ ITECPD

Office: Faculty of Social Sciences Education, 2nd Floor


Phone: +233548246030


Mr. Francis Andoh-Mensah

College of Languages Education, Ajumako

Office: Ajumako Campus Library


Phone: +233244868627

Mr. William Frans Commey

School of Creative Arts

Office: North Campus Library,Faculty of Social Science Block (4th Floor)

Email: /

Phone: +233240186922

Ms. Pearl Joan Korkuvi

School of Communication and Media Studies

Office: Osagyefo Library, e-Resources Section

Email: /

Phone: +233598669960

Mr. Joseph Sylvester Silver

School of Business

Office Location: Osagyefo Library, Reader Services Section


Phone: +233554772106/ +233205669276

Mr. Joseph Owuraku Agyeiku

Faculty of Science Education

Office: Osagyefo Library, Cataloguing Section


Phone: +233247990327

Mrs. Efua Mansa Ayiah

Faculty of Educational Studies

Office: Braille Library, Faculty of Social Science Block (4th Floor)


Phone: +233207556696

Mr. David Brown

Faculty of Foreign Languages Education

Office: Osagyefo Library, Serials Section


Phone: +233244144252

Mr. Theophilus Fiawotoafor

Faculty of Social Science Education

Office: North Campus Library, Faculty of Social Science Block (4th Floor)


Phone: +233243557960

Mr. Frank Fiakpui

Faculty of Home Economics Education

Office: Institutional Repository (North Campus Library) Faculty of Social Science Block (4th Floor)

Email: /

Phone: +233246052946

Isaac Donkoh

Institute of Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS)

Office: North Campus Library, Reader Services Section, Faculty of Social Science Block (4th Floor)

Email: /

Phone: +233245204311